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All Removers follow COVID-19 Protocols and operate with Personal Protective Equipment, Masks and Gloves.

Junk Services We Proudly Offer

You Name it, We Remove it

Junk removal comprises a wide range of junk that we can haul out. Whether it is your business or your home that needs a new slate and you want to get rid of all the past unusable junk, we can do it for you. Our junk removers take away anything from furniture that you don’t need anymore to mattresses that have been sitting in your basement unused for the longest time.

Furniture Removal, Mattress Disposal & More

You can trust that we dispose of this junk as ethically as possible and we do our best in contributing to proper waste disposal. Most of the junk we haul off your property will be recycled or repurposed. Some of the items will even be donated to those who can still make use of them. Call us now for a free estimate on junk hauling.

Environmental Friendly

E-waste is one of the most pressing problems that we face in this time, and especially these days, when most people use their phones since staying at home or are working remotely from home. With this increased use in electronics also comes the equivalent increase in its waste. It is inevitable for you to throw out that old monitor or laptop that keeps breaking down or switch out your old phone for a new one. But throwing these things out is not as easy as you may think.

Recycle & Pro Green

Calling a professional service for your e-waste removal is the ideas and most environmentally-friendly choice. It gives you the chance to dispose of your electronic waste ethically and make a positive impact to the environment.

Hauling Services

Staying in one place for a lifetime rarely happens. Most of the time, we pack up our stuff and go after spending years, if not decades in one place. This is true for both homes and businesses alike. Our company offers both residential and commercial junk removal to assist our clients with the burden of cleaning out an entire area.

Proper Handling

It takes time and effort to sift through and dismantle all equipment for them to be disposed of. Let us make your job easier by doing it for you. You can call us in the morning and we will be there and done with the job within the day. Time and efficiency are two ideals our crew swears by and we guarantee this level of dedication in any job.

Professional Services

It can’t be avoided that, over time, your business will collect junk piles of everything. One of your business’ departments could have upgraded their equipment and you need to get the old one hauled away. Or you could be changing base entirely and moving into a different building. In any case, commercial junk removal is not a new concept for us. We have catered to numerous businesses over the past years and getting your unusable items professionally removed is the best way to go.

You no longer have to fret about how to get that huge machine out and lug it to wherever you need to. You can just give us a call and save yourself some hassle.

Debris Removal

Construction can be messy work. And if you’ve ever been in charge of one, you would know the pains of getting all that junk cleared out and out of sight. Our junk hauling services can help you clean out your site in little to no time. We arrive at the dot and work efficiently. You won’t have to worry about us slacking off in the time you hired us for. Our junk haul crew has conducted massive construction site clean-ups and they know the value of getting work done on time.

Removing the debris and trash on your site eliminates potential hazard risks that are just waiting to happen. Call us now and we will give you an affordable estimate of the cost of hauling your junk.

Yard Waste Removal

Cleaning up by yourself can be a seriously daunting task. Especially when you’ve encountered something difficult such as a large fallen tree branch in your yard. Unless you’re really strong and capable, hauling large items out of your yard can be quite difficult. It’s better to call a junk removal company to take care of it for you.

We can remove your junk and debris for you at little cost and efficient timing. We can also give you services that will be through by the end of the day. Give us a call now to book an appointment and see a clean yard as soon as possible.

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Our Junk Hauling Story

Over the years, a home or a business could accumulate a lot of junk. Whether it’s old junk that is obsolete and is no longer useful or large pieces of furniture that your local garbage collector will not take away for you. We got you covered. LBC Junk Haul can haul away virtually anything for you. If you are a homeowner and would like a fresh start with some of the space in your home, or someone renovating their building and the debris is accumulating, you can give us a call.

We have served the Long Beach, CA locale with the most affordable and accessible junk hauling services. If you need a team to go and haul your junk away, we are the one to call. From Junk Hauling to Boat Removal, we can attend to all your needs. If you are in the locale, we can provide you with our services. If you’ve got junk, we’ll haul away that junk.


Junk Hauling may not seem like a glamorous task. But you would be surprised at how many people need it done. From mattress disposal to commercial junk removal, the need for people of a hauling service is always there. If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a place to avail of cheap junk removal, give us a call. Our junk removal prices are well within the range of affordable and we don’t charge our customers obscene fees.

Daily Goals

As we face challenging times with the COVID-19 crisis, we also adjusted our methods to take health precautions with the greatest degree of priority. We care for nothing more than to give our clients a safe and reliable service at any time. Today, this means outfitting our employees with proper protective equipment. In our quarantine stint, many homeowners may have decided to clear out some areas of their homes. Any equipment we use is sanitized and cleaned after and before every service. You can trust that we are doing all we can and taking all measures to provide a dynamic service that can last even in the toughest times.

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Why customers choose our service

If you are trying to clean out your house or office and you’re looking for the right junk hauling company, then you’re already there. We are the best in Antioch for a reason. With us and our team, you can expect complete professional behavior and ethical disposal. We attach value to our services and we have made it far in the business because of our principles. If you have any concerns or questions, you can give us a call at (562) 228-1143. Our support staff will eagerly answer any of your questions!

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Customer's reviews

Moving out was a breeze with these guys. I had a mattress, cabinets and a large fish tank that needed to get rid of. It was affordable even for a college student like me. Highly recommend!​
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Alex L.
Carson, CA
Simply fast, affordable, and gets the job done. The best junk removal service in town with an unbeatable price!​
Cathy Mayfield
Long Beach, CA
I am a local business and we get large piles of debris after each project is done. Mavis team saved me the time and hassle. Best part is they are locally owned and responded super fast when I texted them.
Mike McMillon
Torrance, CA